Grief changes you, and after a series of deaths two years ago, I found myself in need of expressing myself in a healthy manner.  It was quite tempting to turn to drugs and alcohol, but instead, I made the choice to renovate some rooms in our house.  As a former addict, it wasn’t an easy choice.

Home improvement projects help me focus and help me express myself.  I took an old, boring storage room in our basement and turned it into my private room, a place where I can relax and let my guard down.  It is small, 12 feet by 10 feet, and is totally independent of every other room in the house.  It is mine, and has only my decor in it, deferring to nobody else.

I built a bookcase wall and installed a fireplace.  I put in a wood ceiling and painted 3 walls deep crimson.  The fourth wall is the feature wall, adorned with brown flocked wallpaper on a duck egg sheen.  I built most of the furniture and filled the room with things I love:  Books, rulers, southwestern rugs, estate sale finds that range from shabby chic to rustic.  It is an eclectic mix that belongs nowhere else in the house.  Two skulls watch over the room, and a miniature 221B Baker Street scene takes up one entire shelf.  Sherlock Holmes can be seen lying on his couch, his violin by his own bookcase, fireplace lit.

When people come down to talk to me in my room, they instantly feel at home.  They feel my comfort, they know they are in a space that is sacred to me.  Sometimes we chat, sometimes we binge on Netflix, sometimes we just enjoy the silence.  Every time I leave the room I feel better having released some of my stress.

Decor for me is not a trendy hidden shelf filled with cute bookends, fake books, and picture frames covered in fake gold.  Decor for me is a way to express myself using no words at all, a way to see myself and be who I truly am, without input from other people.  It creates an environment that makes me feel safe and calm.  Decor helps me be aware of my blessings and fully appreciate them.

Decorations in the home is an expression of the homeowner. Every house I go to has strikingly unique features, colors, and patterns.  Simply in colors, some people like earthy, warm color pallets. Rather, some prefer gray undertones with a single pop of color. Each shade is positively unexampled in another’s abode. There is an infinite number of hues in western paintings. If one describes their favorite color solely as “blue.” We’d ask them if it was periwinkle, ocean, navy, teal, cobalt, cerulean, or a myriad of others. When a prism is held up to the light, more than the exclusive “ROY G BIV” shines out. Besides the look of the color, each pigment has a specific meaning behind it. For example, turquoise indicates communication and clarity of mind while magenta’s connotation is one of universal harmony and emotional balance.

Every shade’s effect is distinct. Once diving deeper into decor, we can look at the basic shapes of the physical decorations a homeowner chooses. A rounded and more curvy vase may indicate that the owner is more of a “go with the flow,” flexible type person. A straight-edged, ninety degrees angled vase would indicate someone with more strict, modern tastes. My mother and older sister, for example, have quite differing decoration tastes. My mom prefers tan walls with spongy textures, deep red accents around dark, earthy brown furniture. She likes lots of patterns and textures. Simultaneously, my sister enjoys smooth, white walls, white and black furniture, few patterns, and only a few pops of bright yellow. My sibling loves the sharp-edged, modern look while my mom goes for soft and curvy accents. In the end, it doesn’t really matter what your tastes are. It doesn’t matter what colors, patterns, or vases you like. If it’s your space, you should decorate it as you please. If you want it to be a certain way, absolutely no one should prevent you from doing such a thing. Just as you should never prevent someone else from decorating their house how they see fit.

Décor is important in this day and age because it allows people to take a look into someone’s personality and character. We as a culture love to decorate everything. Our bedrooms, kitchen, living room, offices, and even bathrooms. We love to make our home and work space as inviting as possible and that allow us to feel comfortable. I love to decorate my room as much as my bank account will let me. Finding works of art at a garage sale, store, or online at an affordable price gives me a rush of excitement. I especially love to decorate my room with horse paintings. Decorating gives me such a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction to see a job well done and something to take pride in when I have family and friends over. It also helps others see what they can do with certain spaces to transform them into a stunning gallery of art. I am constantly on Pinterest which is basically an app that collects all sorts of topics for you to scan over.

One of my favorite things to do is to look at the décor ideas and base my rooms off of what I find. Then when I am finished with a new addition I anxiously wait till my friends can come over and see what else I’ve done. Another reason why I love decorating is that there are no limits to what you can do. You can pair one painting with your furniture, or contrast your throws with the color of the walls. My favorite thing about decorating is that it can make you and your space feel completely different and refreshed. Coming with a whole new zeal to life and that is why I think that our society is so obsessed with it as well. It brings everyone a certain sense of satisfaction (although probably only temporary) and joy into our lives and everyone who comes into our lives.

When you walk into a room, the first thing you notice is how it feels. The colors, furniture, sounds, smell, and overall decoration set the mood. For example, if you walk into a dark room with string lights, a soft, fluffy rug, and a large chair in the corner with a beautiful lamp, you may want to relax and open a book. How you decorate can reveal a lot about yourself, too. It can reveal social class, style, whether you have kids or not, and many other things, too. My father decorated his house with wooden floors and a large accent carpet because he lived in the woods and appreciated different types of wood, but needed a carpet due to the kids always dropping toys and other objects on the floor. My mother bought stainless steel appliances and spent time and money on our kitchen, revealing her love and talent for cooking. Although not commonly thought of or discussed, decor is the most important part of the room. It’s what makes a home, home.

Four years ago, I lost my family home to a fire. Everything I had ever owned went up in flames. My family moved into a small rental home shortly after. I tried to stay upbeat, but nothing in the new place was mine. The white walls stared at me, almost taunting me about what I had lost. It wasn’t until I hung up my first picture frame that I started to feel like my room belonged to me.

Eventually, this led to paint, a bed stand, a beautiful carpet, and a new western bed set. My room’s decor set a blissful mood, and it helped me enjoy spending time in this new house. It helped turn the house into a home.

Decor is extremely important and is an overlooked item that truly helps enhance humanity.

best place for men's haircutsEvery person needs a skilled and reliable barber for their haircut needs. In order to get a sharp and consistent haircut, you must identify a barber who will be working on it every time you visit a barber shop. Many good barbers have a sharp memory and will remember your favorite haircut style the next time you visit. They know the complexities of your head and the contouring and hence they can easily maneuver to give you the best haircut you need.

Finding a good barber shop is not an easy task. If you just moved to a new town or you are not happy with your current barber shop, the best place to start is by asking around. You need to get recommendations on the best barber shop near you. People with your preferred haircuts will be resourceful in this fact-finding mission. You can also go online and search for barbershops within your town. You can check their reviews on sites like Citysearch and yelp. There are also barbershop locator sites that can assist you get their location details.

Now that you have located the preferred barbershop near you, we then take a review of what to look for in a barbershop. The first thing to look for is the confidence of the barber. The barber’s confidence levels when welcoming you in the barbershop is a most likely indicator of the confidence they have in their abilities. A barber should be able to tell you what works for you and what doesn’t work for your face. He will also respond to the client demands even if that is not what is best for the client in his own assessment.

The next thing to look for is the barber’s grooming. A good barber is likely to present a good professional image to his clients. You then have to take a look at the cleanliness around the shop. If the first thing you see around the barbershop doesn’t inspire you at all, then it is time to move to the next shop. The sanitary conditions and general layout of the shop are key indicators of the quality of cut you should expect. After identifying one, it is recommendable to begin with a simple trim just to be sure of the abilities of the barber. This will inspire confidence to entrust him with the entire haircut depending on the type of service you receive from the trim.  We are really big fans of Proper Barbershop. We’ll drop their address below:

Proper Barbers
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western decorations

Western home decoration is a great way to accent your home and add style. If you love western apparel, or are in love with cowboys, you will love adding western accents to your home. Western home decor give an elegant and warm place in your home. It can give a relaxing sensation that is perfectly characterized for some western purposes.

The cowboy is one of the most popular western home decoration style. Many people prefer this style.In the case of the western style the mostly used colors are brown, red and gold. These colors give a rusty look to the interior. Certain people would like to have the rugged western appearance, which include the rough textured wall and the wooden ceiling. The style can be seen on the wall frames, furnishings, mirrors and pictures. A hybrid style known as the Southwestern decor style is also available . In this style, there are variations from the western decor style. In this style some items are covered in leather and the patterns will be bold too. The old western appearance consists of horses and cowboys. In the old style there are wall hangings featuring cowboys. The mirror frames are made of wood. In the traditional western style, the room is decorated using iron candle holders. The preferred color for the candle holder is mostly black.

There are furnishings for the western decor style from the highest range to the lowest . You can select the items which are within your budget. You can choose the home decor in western style depending on your taste and preferences. When using this style ensure that the house does not get crowded with the furnishings. Always select the home decor in such a way that it suits your room as well as the other items present in the room. In case of the western cowboy style decor use materials like leather, denim, wood and metal pieces. Although finding some great western decor might be a little tricky, there are a few places where you can get some great stuff.

1.  First search online. There are great places to find western accents, cowboy interior, or other great old time pieces for your home. You can find just about everything from bedding, to furniture, lamps and even mantles for your fireplace or just a shelf. You will have to dig a little, but there are loads of options to find exactly what you are looking for, at the best deal. Its a lot easier to have it shipped to your door, then stepping out and hunting for the right piece.  We got our southwest style rugs from Southwestern Rugs Depot.

2.  Consult a local furniture maker. Furniture makers might just build you a custom piece for your home. This however might just cost you a little more than you expect to pay. If you find a great furniture maker though, you can have some things made just for your home that are unique.

3.  Look around your local town. There are some great antique stores that sell some great materials. Just about every town in America have some type of antique stores.

Best HVAC Installation Contractors

As you may know, we’ve recently been undergoing some renovations in our space and we’d like to be sure to give a special shout out the the people and companies that helped us make that happen. One problem that we didn’t have any idea how we were going to go about solving in our budget was HVAC work, but luckily a local comapny really stepped up and helped us out in our time of need.

To be sure that your heating and cooling system is working for you the best that it can, you will owe it to yourself to get in touch with the premiere Fort Wayne HVAC installation company that can happily serve you. These professionals are great at the work that they handle and can sell you a nice unit and install it, so that you have nothing to worry about in terms of your home heating and cooling. Make the most of these tips so that you are in good hands when it comes to the way that your home thermal conditions are looked after.

#1: Take The Time To Hire A High Quality HVAC Contractor

When it comes to finding excellent HVAC service, you will want to do business with the premier heating and cooling company in Fort Wayne. There are plenty of companies that will gladly take your business, so give yourself the opportunity to reach out to multiple professionals for a meeting. During this meeting, these contractors will let you know how they conduct business and will sell you a system which will be the most advantageous to you.

#2: Shop For The Best HVAC Unit

Make sure that you also decide on the best HVAC unit for your home. Find in energy efficient unit so that you are able to make the best use of the installation and be a good steward over the energy in your home. These systems are also eco-friendly and will protect the planet at the same time. As a result, you will notice that your energy bills will be less expensive and you will have the opportunity to keep your home as comfortable as possible.

#3: Get A Service Plan On Any HVAC Installation That You Receive

Buying a service plan for one of these HVAC contractors will be excellent when it comes to maintaining your equipment. When you fail to maintain your equipment, your system will break down and be incredibly costly to you. It is very inexpensive to purchase one of these protection plans and you will be happy that you made such an investment. Per one of these plans, you will have the help of a fort Wayne HVAC installation contractor for an appointment whenever you require their assistance. Shop for the prices on one of these plans so that your heaters always work in the winter and so that your air-conditioners are always excellent during the heat of summer.

So what are you waiting for? If you need any sort of heating and cooling work at all, work toward getting the help of a Fort Wayne HVAC installation contractor who can look out for you. These professionals will happily assist you with anything that you need and you will be happy that you took the time to hire these professionals. Get the service that you need by contacting a number of different professionals in your local and surrounding area who will assist you with the work that you need.

As some of you may know, we’ve been working on opening up a new art space for our local artists and makers to come to have a place to work on their work and also display and sell it to the rest of the public.  Anyway, we’re just putting the finishing touches on the space now, but there are a few companies that donated materials or their products to help bring the space together.  So we’d like to thank them now.  We honestly couldn’t have done it without them.

Sherwin Williams donated 12 cans of their Emerald Interior Paint to cover all of the walls with plenty of coats. I have never really worked with this paint before, but I thought the painting turned out great and I expect it to last for years and years to come. Again, thanks so much, Sherwin Williams.  That was such a huge help.

Our friends at Matco Tools supplied us with basically all the tools we needed during the construction process.  We’re not quite sure how they found out about our little project, but I think one of our resident artist’s husband used to work for them or something.  Regardless, we are so so grateful and I know the small collection of rusted nuts and bolts in my shed would’ve been enough to see this through.

Finally, the most random donation came from Southwestern Rugs Depot.  The owner stopped in our shop a few months back, was looking around, and stumbled into the construction area of the new space. He asked what we were up to, went to his car, and asked us if we wanted a free rug to “tie the room together”. He gave us an 5 by 8 foot American Dakota rug and left. Totally unexpected, but I really love the southwestern style of the rug. Anyway, I doubt he’ll see this because I didn’t get his contact info, but thanks so much! We love the rug.

Anyway, we’re so thankful for the companies that helped us out and we would also like to thank all of the volunteers that volunteered their time to make this happen. The space will be done at the beginning of January. Come by and say hello.

We’re really proud of local band, Cloud Nothings, that have really seen to have made it. They’re a “new age rock band”.  A few of the members grew up in Licking and I remember going to one of their shows that they put on out of their parents’ garage. They were all very young, but I could tell that they were all very talented musicians. We hope that they come back to Licking sometime for a reunion tour. Luckily, they have a new tour coming up and have a show in Cleveland at the Beachland Ballroom on January 26th. We hope to see you there.  You can purchase tickets and see the rest of their tour on their website:

Also, be sure to watch their latest music video.

11 Ideas For Christmas Gifts from Our Shop

  1.   Flapper Girl Dawings ($25 for the larger size. $15 for the smaller)


2. Palm Tree Stained Glass ($45)


3. Holy Valley Painting 8×10 ($165)


4.  Hand-Made Angel Ornaments ($10)


5.  Hand-Made Ceramic Tortoise ($85)


6.  Original Christmas Cards ($8)


7.  Butterfly Tile ($20)


8.  Ceramic Bowls ($15)


9.  Hand-Made Pant Pot ($12)


10. Whispering Woods Acrylic Painting 11×14 ($210)


11.  Ceramic Coasters ($35)